Time To Let Go

> 5% battery remaining

> You are a Mars exploration unit.
> You have reached the end of your journey.
> On the brink of battery failure, you look through your core system for a way out.

>4.9% battery remaining

The Game

I Would Like To Go Home was created over the course of three days for the #inkjam19.

I had never used inkle before so it was quite a challenge! The game still needs some work, mainly for sound, so I might go back to it when the voting period ends.

Please let me know if you find any bugs in the game, I'll try to fix them asap !



Development log


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awesome game... absolutely beautiful.

global_status: crying

This was super cute and heartfelt, I was dying waiting for the message to be delivered

This is a lovely adventure, a really good use of the ink engine and a good interpretation of the theme.