A downloadable game for Windows

You remove a dagger from a long-dead body...

The Stjärnvalde empire rises once again...

Hidden in a Swedish Mountain range lay the ruins of a long-forgotten empire. You play as Alex, an archaeologist in training. By a twist of fortune, you find yourself trapped in the ruins with terrible, vengeful spirits, with no other option than to solve the empire’s last mystery: who murdered the last empress?


• WASD to move around

• Shift to run

• Look around with the mouse

• ESC to pause the game

This game was created by Elena Tchijakoff and Tanguy Piotto in 10 days for the 💀 SCREAM EMPIRE 💀 jam

Install instructions

Download the .zip, unzip the folder and launch the .exe


TheFallenEmpress.zip 204 MB

Development log


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I played your game and had fun. (Skip to 9:06)